Article 5 General medical examination - Medical

UEFA Medical Regulations

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2020 > July
Technical Regulations

A general physical examination must be conducted annually and must cover:

  1. height

  2. weight

  3. blood pressure

  4. head and neck (including eyes, nose, ears, teeth, throat and thyroid gland)

  5. lymph nodes

  6. chest and lungs (inspection, auscultation, percussion, and inspiratory and expiratory chest expansion)

  7. heart (sounds, murmurs, pulse and arrhythmias)

  8. abdomen (including any hernias or scars)

  9. blood vessels (e.g. peripheral pulses, vascular murmurs and varicose veins)

  10. skin (general inspection)

  11. nervous system (e.g. reflexes and sensory abnormalities)

  12. motor system (e.g. weakness or atrophy).


Neurological baseline screening of brain functions must be conducted to improve any subsequent head injury diagnoses and follow-up in accordance with the instructions provided by the UEFA administration via circular letter.