Article 68 Exclusive area requirements as of the play-offs - Champions League

Regulations of the UEFA Champions League

Content Type
Competition Regulations
Enforcement Date
28 June 2023

For UEFA Champions League and play-off matches, the clubs undertake to observe UEFA’s instructions regarding the exclusive area and operations and access to stadium facilities. In particular, the home club must provide a "clean stadium" by at least the morning of two days before a match, meaning that no advertising except that officially authorised by UEFA may be located within the exclusive area.


The relevant exclusive area shall be determined by UEFA. Further details of the exclusive area are set out in the UEFA Champions League Club Manual.


Any stadium naming rights which have been granted by the club are subject to the requirements regarding the exclusive area. This means that, subject to the following exceptions, no branding of the stadium sponsor (for example, any name, logo, trademark, design elements, slogan or corporate colours) may be visible in the exclusive area. Similarly, subject to the following exceptions, no such branding may be visible on any competition materials. The following exceptions apply only in relation to one stadium sponsor which has been granted long-term stadium naming rights:

  1. The name of the stadium sponsor may be announced (as part of the stadium name) over the stadium PA system for the sole purpose of denominating the stadium if required for safety and security reasons. No additional identification connected with the stadium sponsor (for example, a jingle) may be included in the announcement.

  2. The name of the stadium sponsor may appear (as part of the stadium name) on printed materials for the UEFA Champions League and the play-offs, including match tickets, for the sole purpose of denominating the stadium if required for safety and security reasons and only in a non-commercial typeface, colour and without any logos.

  3. The name of the stadium sponsor may appear (as part of the permanent stadium name signage) on the outside of the stadium building. Existing signage must be determined during the site visit to ensure that no additional signage is subsequently added.


Commercial exclusivity granted to the partners in the exclusive area includes UEFA's right to allow promotional activities by partners such as commercial spots on the stadium scoreboard, promotions involving the ball kids, the centre circle carriers, the flag bearers, the player escorts, player of the match, half-time promotions, a match ball carrier, a referee escort, stadium tours, product displays, brand promotions, merchandise sales and such other activities as designated and required by UEFA. Any sales activity undertaken by partners in the exclusive area may only be in respect of products and/or services related to their association with the competition.


Clubs must observe UEFA's instructions regarding the exclusive area. In particular, they may not place any advertising or dressing material at pitch level or carry out any promotional activities at pitch level.


UEFA reserves the right to install and/or display competition branding and/or partner branding in or on the exclusive area.