Article 4 Admission criteria and procedure - EURO

Regulations of the UEFA European Football Championship

Content Type
Competition Regulations
National teams
Enforcement Date
3 May 2024

To be eligible to participate in the competition, associations must:

  1. confirm in writing that they themselves, as well as their players and officials, comply with the IFAB Laws of the Game promulgated by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) and agree to respect the statutes (including the principles of fair play as defined therein), regulations, protocols, directives and decisions of UEFA;

  2. confirm in writing that they themselves, as well as their players and officials, agree to recognise the jurisdiction of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne, Switzerland, as defined in the relevant provisions of the UEFA Statutes and agree that any proceedings before the CAS concerning admission to, participation in or exclusion from the competition will be held in an expedited manner in accordance with the CAS Code of Sports-related Arbitration and with the directions issued by the CAS, including for provisional or super-provisional measures, to the explicit exclusion of any state court;

  3. fill in the official entry documents (i.e. all documents containing the information deemed necessary by the UEFA administration for ascertaining compliance with the admission criteria), which must reach the UEFA administration within the deadline set by the latter and communicated in due course through a circular letter sent to all associations.


The UEFA administration decides on admission to the competition. Such decisions are final.