Article 63 Financial rules – final tournament - EURO

Regulations of the UEFA European Football Championship

Content Type
Competition Regulations
National teams
Enforcement Date
3 May 2024

The financial provisions for the final tournament, including the settlement of organisational costs, are defined in the contract between UEFA and the host association. Detailed financial information of relevance to all participating associations will be communicated at the workshop organised in conjunction with the final draw.


Fixed participation and performance bonuses and the lump sums to compensate for travel expenses are credited to each participating association's account with UEFA, while the cost of purchase tickets and any additional services is debited.


UEFA provides local ground transport within the territory of the host country for a maximum of 50 persons per delegation. Any additional transport must be arranged and paid for by the participating associations themselves.


All participating associations pay the costs related to their team base camps. UEFA organises and pays for accommodation in the team transfer hotels on the basis of a standard arrangement for 50 persons per delegation. The associations are responsible for and bear the cost of any board and additional lodging arrangements.


UEFA compensates the 23 visiting delegations for the international travel expenses – return fare by air-conditioned bus, rail (first-class or sleeper) or air (economy class) – of a maximum of 50 persons per delegation. The lump sum credited to cover these travel expenses is based on the usual full economy fares of the association's national carrier. Fares are calculated from the participating association’s main airport to the international airport nearest to the team’s base camp in Germany.


No daily allowances are paid to the participating associations, as these are covered by the fixed participation bonuses.


Payments by UEFA to the participating associations will be made in instalments, starting before the final tournament, according to the schedule communicated by the UEFA administration. The participating associations will receive the balance of the total amount due to them within three months of the final tournament ending.


The UEFA Executive Committee sets the amounts of the fixed participation and performance bonuses based on the overall revenue generated by the exploitation of the commercial rights, and decides on the corresponding distribution system.