Article 9 Article: Liaison group - Safety and Security

UEFA Safety and Security Regulations

Content Type
Technical Regulations
Specific Regulations
Safety and Security
Enforcement Date
15 June 2019

The match organiser must establish a liaison group which includes:

  1. a senior official acting on behalf of the match organiser;

  2. a senior representative of:

    1. each of the public authorities concerned;

    2. the stewards;

    3. the stadium owner;

    4. the participating teams;

  3. national association or club safety and security officer;

  4. the UEFA match delegate;

  5. the UEFA security officer, if any.


The match organiser must identify a suitable meeting place within the stadium where the group should meet in the event of a serious emergency.


The members of the liaison group must be given a short, coded call sign which will be broadcast over the public address system for the purpose of summoning them to the agreed meeting place.


Members of the liaison group must go to the agreed meeting place without unnecessary delay. The match organiser must ensure that the members of the liaison group are able to communicate freely by telephone or radio with the stadium control room or other place where the liaison group meeting takes place.